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Note 1915552 implementation issue

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Hoping this is correct forum for Basis related questions, if not, please guide me forward to correct one...

Note provides following steps for implementation:

1. Run transaction SE54

2. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

ABAP Dictionary. Click on Create/Change .

3. In Maintain Structure Pop-up, Click on View.

4. In Table/Join Conditions tab, write SAPFTP_SERVERS in Tables

5. Write short description: Maintenance View for SAPFTP_SERVERS table

6. Go to View Fields tab and click on Table Fields button

7. Choose all the entities: Client, FTP_SERVER_NAME, FTP_SERVER_PORT and Description, and click on Copy

8. Go to Maint. Status, Access: read,change,delete and insert, Delivery Class : C, Data Browser/Table View Maint.: Display/Maintenance Allowed

9. Activate the View.

10. Go to Transaction : SE54

11. In Table/View field, write : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V , choose the radio button

Generated Objects. Click on Create/Change .

12. In Create Maintenance Module Pop-up, Click on Yes.
13. Authorization Group :
14. Function Group : SAPFTP_SERVERS_V
15. Package : SFTP
16. Maintenance Type : One Step
17. Click on Find Scr. Number(s) --> Propose Screen Number --> OK
18. Recording Routine : Standard Recording Routine
19. Compare Flag : Automatically Adjustable
20. Click on Create (F6).
21. Click on Back (F3), activate the view. Maintenance View is created successfully.

My problem is latter part from 10) onwards that I cannot get done with these instructions. In this case Package-field is disabled and does not accept input, anohter issue, that may be consequence of earlier, is step 21. F3 does nothing, propably because of missing package...



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Between step 8. and step 9. when saving the view definition (before activating it), be sure to specify the package SFTP. Either the or space would have been more suitable.

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