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note 1553243 doesn't work

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Hi everyone,

During a validate structure of my db tables I obtain errors BR0301E.. and ORA-06564.

I found a specific note: 1553243, very easy to implement: adding a paramiter in init<SID>.sap and indicate tables to exclude for check.

I applied this note but it doesn't work, tables continue to be analyzed generating the error.

Reading more about this parameter, I found also that I can put in the argument not only tables but objects. I have this info from log.

I tried this but nothing.

Anyone as the same problem or has implemented this note?

Thanks a lot


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What is your Oracle version and patch, and what is Brtools version and current patch level ?

'11. New init<DBSID>.sap parameter valid_exclude:


(implemented in BR*Tools 7.10 patch 22, not in 7.00)'


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HI guys,

I have implemented this parameter on environment with Brtools 720 patch 16 and even restarted system.

Problem still recurred, I then logged OSS to SAP and they have confirmed procedure logs and versions even upgrading to brtools 720 patch 18 problem still exists. Look like some bug maybe....OSS has now been escalated to development team.

Will let you know of the outcome in this regard.

Kind Regards,

Johan Van Zyl

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Hi All,

Please note what exactly your command execution is like on OS level:

We were running this:

brconnect -u / -c -f stats -v cascade -t oradict_tab -e null

Now take note "-e null" means exclude from statistics and when you use null it ignores any exclusion list (hence valid_exclude) from being used by brtools.

Therefore if you run:

brconnect -u / -c -f stats -v cascade -t oradict_tab

You will see the verification will be successfully.

Kind Regards,

Johan Van Zyl