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Not printing Images to paper from Print preview from report Viewer using crystal reports

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I am using SAP crystal reports for Visual studio 2010 in my application. In one of my report I have used images. I am getting image including data in my print preview in report viewer. And also I am able to take prints with data and Images in my environment. But in client place they are telling for some prints the image portion is not getting printed. I am unable to get the exact reason from my searches in internet. So If anybody has faced similar issue please be kind to help me out of this. 

The picture is of IOEobject and is placed in designer by selecting the file in design time.

Is it because of the any of the reasons given below

> I have scaled the actual Image to X : 44% & Y : 44%.

> Due to the image format.

> Or due to the printer configuration in the clients' environment.

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More than likely this is a printer driver issue.

However, first, make sure you are on SP 7 or 8 for CRVS:

Next, make sure the report is not using a specific printer driver (use default).

On the client, make sure their printer driver is using the latest updates.

Make sure the printer driver is designed for the OS they are using.

When you use images with CR, the memory used may be quite high, so ensure there is enough memory to go around.

You say that this is for "some prints". Does that mean for some reports? Or does this mean the report will print fine one time and not another time? Or it will print fine for one user, but not another user?

Is this a win app or a web app? If a web app, what print mode are you using?

- Ludek

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First of all, I thank you for your response & time .........

- My Application is on Windows.

- If taken print for a particular report on which images are used. For some customers the image portion is not getting printed for a particular report. But it is only happening in client side .In development environment its coming as expected for all customers.

- The reports are done on  Crystal report version 13.0.2000.0.

- Should I redevelop the report again after updating to SP7 or SP8 or I can simply install the msi file check it in clients environment.

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No, no. No need to redevelop anything...

Just apply the SP. But do look at the printer drivers. This is more important than any SP. E.g.; what happens if they use a different printer driver? Update the driver, etc., etc.

- Ludek