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Not all tasks from GP appear in UWL, some are missing

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We are using GP for building the workflows and UWL as a front end to access the tasks. However all the tasks that are in GP do not appear in UWL. Tasks older than 4 months seem to disappear from UWL on daily basis. Every day we see that the older tasks have disappeared. Is there some configuration / system setting that controls this? However all the tasks are still avaliable and can be viewed through GP.

Pls send any configuration details that you know controls this.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Arvind,

This is the correct behaviour for the Guided Procedures connector in the UWL. For performance

reasons, it will only pull tasks that are less than 120 days old.

Tasks that are older than this can be viewed in GP runtime.

The Knowledge Based Article 1588988 - 'GP tasks are not present in the UWL' describes this.

Here is the link to the above:

Thanks and best regards,

Carl Connolly

Senior Support Consultant - Netweaver Web Application Server

AGS Primary Support, Global Support Centre Ireland

Guided Procedures trouble shooting guide:


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