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Not able to receive emails in SAP system.

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I have configured the SMTP settings as per the blog (/people/thomas.jung3/blog/2004/09/09/receiving-e-mail-and-processing-it-with-abap--version-610-and-higher).

However even after doing all the setting mentioned in Note 455140, I'm not able to receive mails (sending mails works fine).

I have configured the entry in SO50.

Internet Mail - * - * - CL_UWS_FORM_RUNTIME_MAIL - 1

I think with this setting I should be able to recieve the mails in the SAP Inbox.

I'm not using any routing rules in MS Mail Server. Instead I'm testing by sending mails (from Outlook) to email id -> <username>@<dnsname-of-sapclient>. With what I understand from the blog, I should receive this mails in the Inbox of the user <username>, but it doesn't happen.

Where should I check for probelms? I checked the trace, but there is no entries for Inbound processing. Does this mean the mail never reached the SAP system? If so, where else should I check?


Pradeep Ram

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if it is now working for you, ignore this. other wise just try the below mentioned.

check as per note 607108. if you are getting mails in your inbox get the routing rule set and check. It should work.

if you are not getting mails in your sap inbox then set trace for inbound mails.

go to transaction scot -> utilities -> internal trace -> switch trace on/off -> inbound -> on

try again as per note 607108 and check for trace. check for error if any and implement corrections.