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Not able to locate sap:updatable or sap:creatable tags in metadata for SAP S/4HANA OData V4 APIs

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Hi Team,

For any OData V4 APIs in SAP S/4HANA Cloud or On-premise, when we query for the $metadata for any service, we do not find these tags anymore: sap:creatable, sap:updatable, sap:delectable, etc to know if each entityset or field/property within an entity is supported for these operations or not.

Have we changed the mechanism to check this information on the compatibility? 

Would be really helpful if someone in SAP S/4HANA product team can help us in answering this question since we are unable to know that which all fields supports what all operations within an entity by looking at the metadata which was pretty much clear in OData V2 APIs. @SAPSupport 


Sidhant Mahajan

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Hi Siddanth, 

                      In SAP S/4HANA Cloud or On-premise, the OData V4 specification has introduced changes compared to OData V2, including how metadata and annotations are handled. In OData V4, the annotations such as sap:creatable, sap:updatable, and sap:deletable have been replaced or restructured, and they may not appear in the same way as in OData V2.

Please refer to the following SAP document and follow the section Enhancement of the OData Model.


Thanks and regards,

Madhu Sangam

SAP Support