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Not able to create any decision object using SAP Build process automation trial version.


Upon looking at the UI script , It looks like the code for decision UI is referencing an old version of the ui-core.js which is not supported. Can someone help, need to prepare for demo tomorrow 


<script id="sap-ui-bootstrap" src="" data-sap-ui-libs="sap.m" data-sap-ui-theme="sap_fiori_3" data-sap-ui-compatversion="edge" data-sap-ui-frameoptions="trusted" data-sap-ui-resourceroots="{
&quot;;: &quot;./&quot;,
&quot;sap.rules.ui&quot;: &quot;./sap/rules/ui&quot;

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Looks like the issue is fixed by SAP. Am able to create a decision object , was able to create decision rule. Thank you SAP Build Process Automation  team for fixing this issue.