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Not able to create Adaptation Project in Development system


Hi Experts,

I am able to create adaptation project for standard fiori app" Manage Purchase Contracts-"MM_PCTR_ST_MTS1" in Sap Sandbox system but while creating same adaptation project for same app in development system, i am getting below error.

"Select a different application.Adaptation project does not support the selected application"

Can any one help me on this pls?

Thanks in advance.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Manju, Ok double check the app id - there are 2x Monitor Purchase Contract apps. The original version is a SAPUI5 freestyle app and will not support Adaptation Project. The version 2 is a Fiori elements which will support Adaptation project provided you are on a high enough SAPUI5 version.

So since you are in a different system, double check you are on the same SAPUI5 version - you can use the About dialog to check this (from the FLP Me Area in 1809 or below, or FLP User Actions menu in 1909 or above)

You need to be on at least SAPUI5 1.60 to use Fiori Adaptation projects at all,

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I am facing the exact the issue now. Could u share the resolution?