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not able to add new properties in portalapp.xml

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Hi All,

I want to access IUserMapping in my WD application.

I got the hint for doing this from sdn. After following the steps I came across a PortalRuntime Error.

sdn forums suggested that I need to make an entry for sharing references in my portalapp.xml file but whenever I make those changes and deploy the application I find that those changes are removed from portalapp.xml

Following is the code I am using to get the data:

String systemalias = "EC1";

IWDClientUser user = WDClientUser.getLoggedInClientUser();

IUser iuser = user.getSAPUser();

IUserMappingService userMappingService = (IUserMappingService)PortalRuntime.getRuntimeResources().getService(IUserMappingService.KEY);

// get current user's credentials

IUserMappingData mappingData = userMappingService.getMappingData (systemalias, iuser);

Map credentials = new HashMap ();

try {

mappingData.enrich (credentials);

String mappedPassword = credentials.get("UMAP_KEY_PASSWORD").toString();

String mappedUserId = credentials.get("UMAP_KEY_USER").toString();




catch(Exception e)




Following is the property that I need to add in my portalapp.xml file

<property name="PrivateSharingReference" value=","/>

Any expert comments on this.



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Well, I don't think that in web dynpro projects you can add sharing references directly to file portalapps.xml.

You should right click your wd project , open properties item and then choose web dynpro references. The last tab is sharing references, click on add button and type


Try to run the application again and tell me if you get any errors.

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I tried doing that but it still gives me the error that I am getting.

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sapportals/portal/prt/runtime/PortalRuntime