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Not able catch URL parameters in webdynpro application

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Hi All,

I am trying to catch url parameters with the following code.

PARAM1 is the parameter name.

	IWDProtocolAdapter protocolAdapter = WDProtocolAdapter.getProtocolAdapter();
                IWDRequest request = protocolAdapter.getRequestObject();
	String RESPONSIBLE_NO = request.getParameter("PARAM1");

The above code works fine if I use the following url for calling the WD application


I am able to get the passed value as output for PARAM1 as 123 in my output.So far this is good.

But I created a View based on the above WD application an trying to call the iView using Navigation Target.Now I am not able get url parameter value.I used the following url

http://<host name>:50000/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=ROLES://portal_content/POC_View/Roles/My_Folder/My_view


I require to pass the paramters with the above url as I need to call this iView in IFRAME



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If i could understand your scenario you need to use portal navigation with dynamic parameters



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Thanks Ayyappa for the response.

Actually My webdynpro iView consists of two frames.

Top frame fetches data from one system and bottom frame calls some other iView

Though Portal Navigation is helpful in catching the paramter values,I can not use that.

Becoz I have to retain the top frame and also show the second iView in the bottom frame

If I use Portal navigation,both the frames are replaced by the iView called.

So for this reason I am trying to use NavigationTarget URL. and passing the paramters but I could not do so.

Hope I am clear with question.Please provide your inputs on the same