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NonStopIQ HA-DR / Replication Options

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Hello All,

I have been searching for any information on how to set up a stable HA/DR system for Sybase iQ. There is a hint that Multiplex is the only option to enable HA within a single site. For D.R. scenarios along the lines of Oracle DataGuard or MSSQL Mirroring I cannot find any information whatsoever. Only some old references (search: SAP NonStopIQ) for old releases of iQ where this seems to have been an option.

"a NonStopIQ HA-DR methodology, which typically employs a local SAN and a remote one, with either synchronous or asynchronous communications between them"

Is there any way in which I can set up a D.R. replica of my iQ database in a remote site or do I need to rely on backup/restore technologies.

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