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No SID found for value '000' of characteristic 0PO_UNIT

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I am loading data via DTP from DSO1 to DSO2. I have done this multiple times and have not faced any issue.

Today I changed some abap coding in END ROUTINE and then tried loading using DTP.

The DTP loads but when I try to activate the data in DSO, i get the following error:


No SID found for value '000' of characteristic 0PO_UNIT

Message no. BRAIN070


Characteristic value 000 does not exist in the master data table of characteristic 0PO_UNIT. Therefore, this value could not be transformed into the internal SID.


Any ideas?


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Just to add, I had the same issue for 0DOC_CURRCY ...

The root cause was because the currency mapping for the keyfigure routine was not set

Under the currency section the target currency has to be mapped with source currency.