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No persistent reference could be generated for object 'PAYLOAD'

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I'm using a multimapping inside BPM mapping 2 messages into one message and it fails for some reason but when I try to have a look at the BPM workflow, I cannot see the 'PAYLOAD' in the MESSAGES_IN and MESSAGES_OUT properties of the container. However the HEADER of the incoming message and outgoing message is visible.When I try to see the payload it says 'No persistent reference could be generated for object 'PAYLOAD''.

The mapping gets executed without any issues via BPM or when we test it manually in interface mapping.This is the case with all other BPM's too so it more looks like some property which has to be set in PI to make the payload visible.

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What are sender and receiver systems? I read in another thread that the guy managed to solve this by setting XML_CONVERSION parameter in sxmb_adm. However, it doesn't make much sense as that parameter is used for Idoc tunneling scenarios.


Prateek Raj Srivastava

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Sender is a business service (as I want to expose the interface as webservice) and receiver is also a service.

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Can somebody help me ?

The main reason behind why I am trying to see the payload inside BPM is

that I am using a multimapping where I send two requests (input 1:one

with parameters/values to be replaced and second one(input2) has the

actual payload where replacement should happen) and output should be

the second message with values replaced.I am using a java mapping and

when I test it standalone it works whereas inside the BPM I get the

output same as the input2 i.e the replacement doesn't happen.

I am trying to see how the BPM is merging the two inputs to the

multimap which is stopping the java map to work as expected.

I guess something is wrong with the namepsaces as the input2 is the result of a webservice call and carries namespaces like pns, rpl etc.

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Dear Harish

If you think namespace is the issue and want to verify it then go to SX_CACHE ->Integration Process

From the list select your BPM and double click on it. You will observe that an trace will appear on the screan.

Just go through it and find if the namespaces mentioned are correct or not.

(Is the External Defination of the WSDL in the same namespace as other object?)