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No more storage space available for extending an internal table

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Hi all,

After upgrading to NetWeaver 2004s, I run my BPS application based in WIB layouts. I was ok, but now I had to make a change and it starts to give me the following error (when I try to run it):

<i>"No more storage space available for extending an internal table."</i>

In ST22 I have 2 associated Dump's:



I checked the memory parameters as in 928044 oss note, but seems like everything is ok.

Does anyone have any ideia regarding this situation?

Jorge Afonso

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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This error is what it says in the message. For whatever reason, your application is trying to create additional rows in an internal table, and there is not enough space on the server main memory to do this. If you do not expect your application to have such large internal table, do look into your changes as to why that should be so.

Sometimes due to parallel processes there is memory contention and you may get this error due to that, in which case trying the same app (when system load is less) again may work.

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The problem is not linked with my changes. Every BPS applications that have suffered modifications have the same error.

But I already found a solution. It is concerned with 928044 note. I changed the parameters and after restart the server, the applications runed with success.



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Problem resolved.

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Hi Jorge,

how did u solve that problem my friend.

Could you please share with me. i too got the same issue, when i run a report from portal.

the page is not displayed erro, with a dump in the background.

kindly share with me..

thankfull to u..


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