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No field values in BW after pulling from R/3

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Schedule was successful and all the data records were uploaded into BW.

But the filed values of one field which happens to a time field is showing only zeroes in all the filed values.

That particular time field in R/3 has of course distinct values for each record.

The field name,domain name and data element name are same .

It has following properties!

1) Data Element : Data type: NUMC, length 4, decimal places 0.

2) Domain : Data type :NUMC, length 4, decimal places 0, out put length 5,

conversion routine : Atime

Can i get any inputs for this?

Many thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ravi,

The extraction from R/3 shows values for that field?

Have you checked the transfer and update rules? is that field correctly mapped?

Which infoobject is it?

Hope this helps,



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Hi Diego,

I just wonder whether the sequence of fields in Extract structure and result set in RSA3 extract checker are one and the same.

i am finding it difficult to verify those as it has too many records and even field names and their sequence are different.

And that particular info object is not available in BW . so i had created it as a time key figure.

Any suggestions?


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