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No data in Adobe PDF form when printed / the data is there when displayed

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Hi All!

First of all my system is Hana on-premise 1709. The Adobe form usage is "Form with fragment". I keep uploading the data connection data before trying to edit. I don't think editing will do anything. But I easily could be wrong. I know very little about Adobe forms. The form is not interactive.

I'm thinking there must be a button or a configuration setting I'm missing. I've done many different searches, but I can't find anything. I'll keep looking as I see if anyone has run into this before.

We have a Adobe document that is used in OPD/BRF+. It's been in use for a very long time. Of course they display the document and then print from there. Now we would like it to automatically print. And now I've found out that it has an issue.

I can display the document in the document output for a sales contract. That works great. Now if I print it or e-mail it. There is a document without data. Then the next time I go to display the PDF it shows up without any data. Very strange to me.

Has anyone run into something similar? Any suggestions on where to look? Right now I am in a debugging nightmare. But hopefully I can find somthing.




Hi Michelle,

very strange indeed, so essentially after printing or emailing, the pdf content is empty?
My guess would be for printing and previewing different users are used and there is a authorization issue. Try to activate auth trace:

Additionally try to generate a pdf with additional information ( ). After enabling these options, your pdf should contain some attachments.

Check if XFD.xml is filled and if there are no errors in the trace.txt file.

To perform a in-depth analysis I have to ask you to open a SAP support incident so we can debug this on your system.

Best regards

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