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No data getting extracted in the setup table for Purchasing extraction

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Hi all,

We are trying to implement Purchasing Information, Purchasing Data Item Level (2LIS_02_ITM), Purchasing Data Header Level (2LIS_02_HDR), Purchasing Data Schedule Line (2LIS_02_SCL), we have activated the extract structure, filled the set-up table and tried to look into the setup table but it does not show any records (even RSA3 do not show), the job log shows everything fine, then we tried deleting the set up data and again filling the set up table, still the result is same, I searched in SDN and got to know that, it has something to do with R3 patch level, but we are having SAP_APPL 50. I am not sure why this is happening, does anyone has any solution for this.



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Seems to work fine after applying Note 720309, so I am closing this thread.



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Please check in LBWE whether 2lis_02_scl is active or not..



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Hello Partha,

First of all, do you have any records in the corresponding transactionnal tables, EKKO and EKPO ?

When you filled the setup tables, did you enlarge the time of end ? Just to be sure, put at least 5 min ....



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Hi Mickael,

Data is present in the base tables, and I have given a future date for the termination date in the job, below is the job variant, the job ran on 21.08.2008 (yesterday)


Objects for selection screen 1000

Info structure to be set up

Save under version &(

Delete/create indices

Archiving session

Purch. organization



Document date

Name of run ZPUR

New run? X

Date of termination 22.08.2008

Time of termination 10:52:23

Redetermine update group?

Update documents?

Block all documents?

Extraction structures BW X

General purchasing documents X

Subsequent settlement (sales)

Document index

Automatic Document Adjustment

Subsequent settlement

Stat. setup, partner system

Logical target system