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No data displayed from 'CDS View Entity' while accessing from HANA Studio or BODS

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I created a 'CDS View Entity' via ADT. I'm able to view the data from SE16n or via ADT data preview. This CDS view entity is to be consumed by BODS ETL to extract the data from S4. It's not showing any data when accessed from BODS or directly from HANA DB. It seems like something to do with the client handling. CDS view entity implicitly performs the client handling so this issue should not occur. 

I looked into few articles on internet (but not limited to) that talks about setting the client before calling the CDS view and tried those options but no luck so far.

We tried to explicitly pass client value from BODS while calling the CDS view but no success yet. Is there any way to address this issue?



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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The issue could be due to a few reasons, so it might not return any data if the client is not set correctly. Ensure that the user ID used in BODS or HANA Studio has the necessary authorizations to access the CDS view data. You may need to check the ODBC connection settings. Make sure that the connection is correctly set up to access the CDS view. Also, check the CDS view definition in ADT. Ensure that it is not restricted by any parameters or filters that might prevent the data from being displayed when accessed from BODS or HANA Studio.