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No corresponding business system found

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Hi experts,

I'm not familiar with PI, however, I would like to get some information regarding error below in SLDCHECK.

"No corresponding business system found for system <SID> client <mandt>"

I've more concern on what would usually cause this, as in, in what situation will I get the error below?

Possible if the technical system registered in the SLD no longer exist?

Is it also possible that if the job SAP_SLD_DATA_COLLECT continues to fail, the changes in technical system data (eg. new hostname) won't be updated to the SLD, and the PI system continues to interpret that the business system for <SID> client <mandt> still exist?

Hope I'm clear with my question. Thanks for help.        

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Hi Henry,

I think , you trying to establish connection between ECC and PI system for ABAP communication. Is this new connection or existing connection stopped working ?

If New connection , below guide is having step by step configuration for establishing new connection from ECC to PI system.

If Existing Connection ,

Checking Business system is pointing to correct Technical system and correct client.