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No communication data could be determined from address 10694 10693

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Hi Experts,

We configured auto email notification and when we test our configuration we found that, the auto email notification aborts with error " No communication data coule be determined from address 10694 and 10693 ". we checked the users whether the email address is maintained with communication method INT Email and we also checked the whether the users email address is maintained in the BP transaction. Everything was fine.

Finally we entered the email address in the conditions configuration in recipients tab., but all in vain. Please anyone help us in this as it stops the entire show.

Advance thanks for all replies.

Best regards,


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I was facing the same Problem, so maybe my solution will help also others.

I copied an action for sending an e-mail, but the flag for partner-dependent was not included by the copy. After setting this flag, it worked.



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Hello Katja, please, could you explain me what means "I copied an action for sending an e-mail"? and Where's the flag for partner-dependent? Thank you!