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Newbie question re .NET

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I have a newbie question re NetWeaver & .NET:

How does NetWeaver run .NET -- is a separate Windows Application Server required, or does it run as a VM on WebAS, and how does it interface with the rest of the system?

Are there any performance, scalability or reliability issues when using .NET as it is not the core technology?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you have EP installed on Windows you can use the same server for your .net applications, but may be your server will need more memory or processor.

You can check the EP PDK for documentation, this document explains how works the integration with .net, for example, IIS is not need it, but you have to have a Windows 2003 server with .net framework installed, this is a fragment of the documentation: "The SAP Enterprise Portal acts as the only web server, therefore IIS is neither needed nor used."

I didn't found any information about performance or salability, I don't know if SAP will release something in the future.

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