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New Workflow Event in Objective Settings and Appraisal

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In Objective Settings and Appraisal, I've created a Workflow subtype object type (ZPFM_DOC) from the delivered object type (APPR_DOC). I've also created a new event and method within ZPFM_DOC. I've configured this new event on a template for a specific configured pushbutton.

The problem is that when I click the pushbutton, the event doesn't seem to get triggered at all.

I've checked binding and event linkage and can't figure out what else needs to be done for the system to recognize my event.

I've been successful using the delivered events and workflows and have modeled my event and workflow from the delivered ones.

If anyone has any ideas on what I can do or check, that would be great!


Mary Ann Kolnik

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Did you use the commit work after the function module SWE_EVENT_CREATE?.

Plese let me know more details how did you implement the event triggering mechanism.

Thank you.


karun M

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Hi Karun,

The event triggering mechanism that I used is to update the event linkage table using transaction SWETYPV. I used the BOR/my Z* object_type/my event name/my WS9* Workflow Template. I have the 'Type Linkage' box checked.

Also, in a Template, in Status Flow, on a configured pushbutton (for a particular Status/substatus), I have my event in the 'Workflow Event' field. This is what allows me to trigger the workflow from an appraisal document.

Where would I use a commit work after fm SWE_EVENT_CREATE?

I'm thinking that somewhere the system doesn't realize that my new event is in object type Z* instead of the delivered object type APPR_DOC.

Does this additional information help?

Mary Ann