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New Users and default setting of variables for BPS Web Interfaces

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Hi all,

the customer is using web interfaces for financial planning, and the configuration of the planning layouts supporting these web interfaces include variables in the header area of the layouts. When users are executing the web interface layouts they are confronted by the error messages informing the users that variables in the header area one not restricted to single values. That part is quite all right, since we can set the initial single value for the variable in the Set Variables selection screen in BPS0. But the issue is that the customer would prefer that regular business users are not granted access to trx. BPS0, which in turn means that they themselves are not able to set the initial value for the variables.

Therefore I will appreciate solutions suggestions to how the initial values for variables in the header area is set for business users WITHOUT granting them access to trx. BPS0.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards

Rune Rygaard

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Rune,

Just give the Access only for Planning folder "UPSPL" and set the authorisation as per their roles also control the their Version by authorisation.

Set the variant in the Global planning sequence so when user executes they can only play with the value you want to.

hope it helps.

experts please provide more light on this query.


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Use an 'Exit' in the exit read the values from a Z table. Give the maintenance access of that Z table to the users.

This method is not uncommon.



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Hej Nataraj,

thanks for Your reply. We were thinking of doing just that, so I really appreciate the suggestion soming from you also.




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