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Can somebody please give me info on how a typical SAP XI position would be?

I am looking for details on travel requirement.

Is it necessary to travel day-in and day-out on most jobs? i.e. how often it would require to travel in a month?

What is the average length of SAP XI consultant positions? i.e. is it in weeks (or) months?

Thanks for your kind info!


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Shiva,

It depends on the role fo XI position.

If it is a perm role with end user company and you are supporting XI then you might not need to travel.

But if you are a consultant and delivering the projects than you may need to travel.

Length is based on complexity of the project.

Hope this will give you some idea.


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Hello Pinkle,

Thanks for your response!

Your reply leads me to another question.

I am currently on H1B in US. How difficult it is to find a XI position that is 6 months in length.

I dont want to stay away from my family because of frequent travel.

Appreciate your reply!



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>>How difficult it is to find a XI position that is 6 months in length.

thats something you might wanna ask the clients not us;)

i don't want to deter you or say anything negative but looking at the trend over here in US,i would say only one thing "Don't have really high hopes,the idea of American dream is just a dream".

Project duration depend upon a lots of interfaces,being a consultant in XI i have worked on projects which were so short that i dont wan't even to mention them in my resume and also have worked on projects which were really long term



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