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New to XI and come across one situation

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Hi Team,

I am new to XI and working hard in practicing the scenarions in XI.

Recently I came across one scenario and questioned that, what would be the solution for this.

I immediately said, Implementing XI/PI we can solve the problem.

But do not know How and in what ways to explain as for business scenario.

Please help me in providing or finding the information on:

1. The difference between XI and PI

2. How and in which system we would implement the below scenarion using XI or by using PI.



A big Telecom Giant, having say, 4 Legacy Systems [ L1(Dunning), L2(CRM), L3(Clarity) L4(Billing) ].

Here the situation/problem facing by the company:

A telecom customer calls and compalints that, he is getting the reminders to pay the bill and mobile connection is terminated even after the amount paid againt the mobile bill.

Now: Telecom rep. need to find the details of the customer as message is sending drom the system L1.

L3 --> for personnel data.

L2 --> Check for any offers there for customers

L4 --> Billing paid by Customer is updated or not.

To check all these system and respond to the customer, say it would take 6 days. Suppose meanwhile other customer calls for another issue? imagine what would the service and how the customer feel. He might even through the mobiles SIM card.

Answer: I responded to the person that implementing XI/PI would resolve the problem, by having the complete information at one place ( with the help of Integration Technology).

I could not able to Explain How and what technology to be Used (XI or PI) and where the complete data to stored.

Also the difference between the XI and PI.

Thank you and Regards,

Ramana .

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Venkata,

Solution to Q1.

For difference in XI and PI you can find many threads on sdn. Use search option.

Some are


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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There is no Difference between XI and PI, both are same only

Just name turned like that with respect to version.

Your Integration would be like this

EP(Customer Care Executive)----CRM

You can have EP to check the Customer bill details which is there in CRM system

In EP you will have BAPI's concept to call Customer details from CRM system

EP is the People integration, from EP itself you can call CRM system, there is no need of PI here



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Hi Seshagiri,

Thank you for the information. However, I think you are talking about EP for CRM system.

Here the question is for all the Legacy Systems not only for CRM.

Yes, you are correct if the there is only one legacy system running CRM.


Venkat Ramana K

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Then PI is the best solution to integrate different different applications in one place.

and Especially for your query which u asked above is, we can inplement like this


Customer care Executive will take call from customer and enter the customer details in the EP page

EP will send these details to Xi and XI will call CRM and get back the details to EP screen.

And like this you can call from EP to XI and to any system

Basically here EP acts as people integration as User interface.



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Hi Seshagiri,

Thank you for the solution.

Please correct me, If I understand like this.

                    I----- CRM  ( L2)
EP ------ XI -------I----- CLARITY (L3)
                    I----- BILLING (L4)     

So here as for you information, Call the data from EP to XI system and XI system will exchange the data with all the 3 Legacy Systems.

Any kind of structure and flow of the discussed scenario is highly appriciated. ( like, from where XI works and How the data read from Legacy System and store in which place where customer Care person has complete information to provide to customer in no time)


Venkat Ramana K

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