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New to BI content help me

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Hi experts

I am new to BI content Administration. I am using Nw04s SP9 with EPPIBI Usage type installed with ABAP+java and i installed BI_cont 703 level 0001 SAPKIBIIP1 in my system using SAINT Tcode.

Can any one tell me how to open the Bi content administration and other post configuration and further Administration tasks in this..

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Surya,

For BI Content:

In the left hand on every heading....and inside that you will find all the infocube etc..technical details

Pls chk this link

You use the BI Administration Cockpit to perform administration tasks in BI more simply and quickly. You can call the BI Administration Cockpit from the BI Administration 1.0 business package in SAP Enterprise Portal. It supports BI administrators in monitoring statuses and optimizing performance by providing an overview of the objects and processes in BI systems. It provides BI administrators with a central point of access that focuses on critical situations and allows them to navigate to more detailed information as well as error handling and optimization applications.

BI Admin Cockpit is enhancement of BW Statistics.

Check this thread also:

Also for BI Admin Cockpit' in BI 7.0. Please go through the note 934848

*pls assign points ,if links are useful*


CSM Reddy


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I opened the path from Tcode SPRO

SAP Netweaver> Buissness intellgence>Setiings for Bi content>Business intellengence>Bi admin Cockpit-->Setup technical content.

I can see the Setup technical content but IMg activity button is not availabe to this setup technical content to activate Bi cockpit.

can any one help me with this issue

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Hi All,

Providing the Links is good for others to learn. But it looks funny to ask points even for providing links.



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