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New tenant for HANA database in a system replication

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Hello, I have two HANA (2.0sp3) database in a system replication. I need to install a new system with a new tenant from a Homogeneous System copy. I am checking this chapter in SAP HANA Administration Guide But I don't find a clear answer about this procedure

This algorithm is correct?

  1. Stop the Secondary HANA system
  2. Unregister the Secondary system (stop replication)
  3. Install a new database instance for a new system in the Primary system from a Homogeneous System copy (backup-restore).

4. Register the Secondary system with options - Initiate Data shipping - yes, start the Secondary system after registration - checked.

Thank you for answer!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Roman,

Yes,we can build new database with system replication.

  • First install a fresh HANA DB system with on a new host.
  • now you are having already one HANA DB up and running from which you will replicate database copy to newly fresh installed box.
  • break the replication in existing setup two HANA DB system by using below link:-

Before starting replication please take care of below files:-

then take a backup of data and key inside files on primary
then copy SSFS_SID.KEY and SSFS_SID.DAT file from primary and paste on newly built site.

then start replication from existing HANA system by below steps:-

stop newly built HANA DB system. register this as a secondary system from enable replication menu using studio and run full synch.

it will replication full database changes to newly installed system.

Note:- you will face issue with SAP HANA XS on newly installed host this service will not come up if you are having SAP HANA XS.

To resolve this issue please follow below SAP note:-

2300936 - Host Auto-Failover & System Replication Setup with SAP HANA extended application services, advanced model

this is ok and tested procedure which i used in past.



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Hello, Hariom,

Thank you so much for your answer but this is not a new installation.

Situation: I am installing a new system in Dev landscape, install all packages, setup configuration, etc.

From a copy of this system, I am making a system with a new SID in QAS landscape and want to make a system with a new SID in a PROD landscape. QAS - all OK

I have system replication only in PROD so I don't have a place for testing.

This is a live PROD with a lot of tenants (MDC)

My case about a new tenant in existing MDC HANA DB

Do you have a tip/advise for this situation?

Thank you so MUCH!

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