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New performance settings in SPRO (2004s)

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Does anyone know how we should set the parameters in SPRO for maximum performance? NOTE: We are running on Oracle 10g.

According to note 938040, these parameters should replace the DB_STATISTICS entry we used to have in RSADMIN. Is this true?

There are actually 2 sections in SPRO:

1. A global section in SPRO/SAP NetWeaver/Business Intelligence/Performance settings/Settings for Database Interfaces.

The way I understand this section is that if your DBMS is able to handle histograms, you don't have to tick the check box. Assuming we run the stats in Oracle on a daily basis, is it okay to leave the checkbox unchecked?

2. In the Oracle specific section in SPRO/SAP NetWeaver/Business Intelligence/Performance settings/Settings for Database Interfaces (Oracle).

From what I read through the help, we can speed up the index rebuild by unchecking the "Logging while index" check box. We've done some testing in C&B and so far so good for this one (we are about to test it in PROD). However, with the "Degree" field, wether we put 0 or 8 in it and we launch a massive aggregate, we haven't seen any difference. Does anyone has any experience with that field?

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Your assumption is correct.

Let me first enlighten you throwing light on the purpose of using the parameter DB_STATISTICS,it was used in prior 3.x versions and I was able to leverage it for maximum use;however there are pros and cons to it.

<b>Example -</b>

Point -1

DB statistics (optimizer statistics) are created at certain times in BW. These processes can occupy a considerable portion of the runtime, especially in the case of large scenarios (large InfoCubes, many aggregates). The relevance of the DB statistics is particularly important if a roll-up or change run (or other loading or loading-related processes) is executed at the same time that queries are being executed.

If, however, a roll-up or change run takes place during a <b>Night time or Weekend</b> window, in which very <b>Few</b> queries or no queries are running, it may be useful not to create the DB statistics at first but to create them at the end of the process. To do this, you can deactivate the DB statistics in BW.

You can deactivate the DB statistics initiated by the BW system by making the following entry in the <b>RSADMIN</b> table; You can use the SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN ABAP report for this:

Object: <b>DB_STATISTICS</b>

Value: <b>OFF</b>

OR using SPRO as you mentioned above.

Point -2

Check Box - "<b>Logging while Index</b>"

By default, Oracle database logging is deactivated for index structure. This means that indexes cannot be restored from a database backup. They need to be structured again with the transaction <b>RSRV</b>.

So I hope you have used RSRV ??

If this parameter is <b>SET</b>, the index structure is written to the database backup. This can lead to a quicker restoretime but <b>SLOWS</b> down building of the index.

<b>DEGREE</b> (Option)

This parameter sets the number of parallel processes that Oracle can use when building the aggregate/index. The value 0 corresponds to the default value in Oracle configuration ('PARALLEL DEFAULT').I am in the DEV so yet to validate and give proof of concept for it..

Hope it Helps