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new partner field is not determine the Partner function in CRM UI screen

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Hi All,

Using the SCN blog -

Adding the new partner function and new partner field in the ZMMJ.

I am stuck up on the below steps, Currently i am working on the  Step 2: Select the right fields for your WEB UI view ( Adjust or add technical fields from //BTPARTNERSET//AICRM/HEADER_FCT_1 to //BTPARTNERSET//AICRM/HEADER_FCT_10 to the configuration) for 4 new partner filed.But in below screen i am not sure how to add new technical filed in component AIC_CMCD_H/AICCMCDHeaderEF.

Any help to add technical fields from //BTPARTNERSET//AICRM/HEADER_FCT_1 to //BTPARTNERSET//AICRM/HEADER_FCT_10 to the configuration.

due to this issue, new partner filed not determine the partner function in ZMMJ screen


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Karthik,

I don't think you should need to add anything to the component. The 10 partner functions should already be there under the View Controller/Context.

Do you have the above? The View Layout shouldn't need to be changed:

I have this configuration also and I have not had to enhance the View AIC_CMCD_H/AICCMCDHeaderEF to make it work.

Kindest regards


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Hi Paul,

After recreated the order ( 1 to 10)  in the Specify Partner Function Display in Transactions, partner function get determined in the new partner filed.

Thanks for reply. Have a gud day.


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the missing part is that

The most important information is Order and Object Relation Name column . Those two things should be in relation. If You Order is 6 (like is in our case) then you should use  BTPartner_PFT_0006_MAIN

Later in the WEB UI you should just use //BTPARTNERSET//AICRM/HEADER_FCT_6 and add to you screen like is presented below.

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