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New in SAP, please guide me

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Hi all,

I am a computer engineering student, with java and C# as basic language (though not an expert yet). I am interested to step into SAP netweaver. As I am taking minor in business, so .. I also have few knowledge that might be useful.

I am confuse here. .there are so many articles & elearning... but I do not know which one to step first.

Could you please help me give step by step learning path so that I could apply my coding skills in SAP netweaver?

Such steps that provide short yet clear theoretical explanation and more on technical coding ( real life cases) would be better.

Thanks a lot _


*not an excellent student.. but I'm willing to learn

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Hi Arif,

Netweaver is like a big ocean which contain tons of information and hiving several stacks within it like EP, XI, BI and many more. Having knowledge of Netweaver is good but I think its not good to go for the whole neteaver and no one can be expert in all the stacks. It will be better that you select and stack of Netweaver either EP or XI and these two are related to JAVA.

In EP complete coding is in JAVA and it will be more suitable for you if you like coding. XI is also related to JAVA but less than as it is connected with EP. In XI you need to code only JAVA mapping when the graphical mapping is not enough, however the one engine of XI is completely based on JAVA and known as JAVA Engine.

I will suggest you that go through the link provided in earlier reply for Netweaver Homepage and learn for it. Once you get the basic idea about its stack select anyone of it and then start learning for that particular stack in details.

Revert back if any other queries.

Reward points if it is helpful.


Subhasha Ranjan

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Thanks Ranjan...

Even though I haven't explorer all the link you provide, at least I got some description about which way to go next. It's very helpful.

Thanks also to ankur.