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New ESS creation

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hi ,

i have customized few ESS screens , persdata,familydet,bank,......

Now, i hav one requirement to create the same for SHIFT 0007 details .

Evn it's an MSS feature ,anyhow they r going to update individually.So i hav plans to include that in ESS in MSS.I hav tested this scnerio with other iview and it's working fine .

I know customization of ESS . I want to know whthere the creation of new can be achived the same way ( creating a module pool pgm ,and assgn the trans & fn module in T77www_sc ... )

Can i copy any of the Existing ESS service or just create a module pool with table ctrls .

Cud u help me ?

Any suggestions will be appreciated .



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Answers (2)

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Hi J,

As Ashutosh has explained the process, you can carry on development.

Just to avoid any missing link, its good idea to copy any existing service and then make modifications to it.

There are lots of places, where different HR checks are performed, when we start from scratch we tend to miss some of them.. so its advisable to copy and then make changes...on completion of development you can create you ESS services and put them in ESS menu, as Ashutosh described.

Hope this helps.


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best way and easiest way is to create a module pool and then create a internet service for that.

and as u said.. make an entry in all t77www tables.

define service in t77www_srvn table then make an corresponding entry in t77www_SRV table.

and that should be fine. As u are not completely ITS based, u dont need to make an entry on that catalog table,

After this, publish the service file.. and create a IAC iview and host it on portal