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New Empty Rows in Planning Layout

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Hi All

I am having a bit of a rough time with 2004S and planning layouts. In order to test that I am not doing something stupid (which is fairly likely) I have created a simplified model (IC, Aggr Level etc etc) with which to prototype.

I have an InfoCube with the following structure:

Char: Company ZCH_KCO


Plan Item 0SEM_POSIT

Value Type 0VTYPE

Version 0VERSION

KeyF: Amount 0AMOUNT

Time: Fisc Per 0FISCPER


Unit: Curr Key 0CURRENCY

I have defined my Aggregation Level in the Planning Modeler to include all the InfoObjects in the InfoCube. I have not defined a Filter on this Aggregation Level.

I then created a Query to include all the characteristics in the Rows and the Key Figure in the Column.

Last, but not leats, I popped it into a Web Template where I assigned the Query to an Analysis Web Item and I set the "Number of New Lines" attribute to 10.

When I execute it, I get the following [rather comprehensively documented] error message appearing at the top of the report:

"No new row or column added because not all characteristics have a key cell"

Anyone got any ideas?

Cheers - D

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Answers (2)

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Just to add insult to injury... I previously gave up since I had already tried all the suggestions listed. Then, yesterday, I went back into the layout I was playing with and (to my surprise) found that it was magically working.

Maybe it is just our installation of 2004S, but I think the product as shipped - even on SP8 - is probably (in reality) not stable enough for a production environment. The amount of crashes that we have experience with the QD, WAD and the J2EE stack is, to say the least, disconcerting. Also, as soon as you want to do anything out of the ordinary the 2004S modelling (especially in Data Transformations) does not work and we often have to switch back to 3.X modeling.

On the bright side, the BPS functionality is a lot better than under 3.X.

If anybody wants more informmation, feel free to contact me.

Cheers - D

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Hi Daneel,

I have found that the functionality in input-ready queries is heavily dependent on the version of the BI Front End you are running.

I have had numerous problems that have been fixed by updating or hotfixing the Front End.

Your statement about the stability of the product not being sufficient for a production environment is spot on. I hope that it improves in the near future.



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Hi Daneel,

I have not experienced the error you mention but have managed to get input-ready planning queries to work, so I will offer a couple of suggestions:

1. Make sure that your key figure is marked as being input ready ("can be changed" on the Planning property tab)

2. Values need to be uniquely defined to be input ready. Try putting restrictions on your characteristics to refine the data. Eg. put value type, version etc.. in the filter area and restrict them - put only the Plan item in the rows.

3. Make sure you do not have zero suppression enabled on rows and column structures.

Also, refer to this help section which may be useful:

<a href="">Manual Planning in NW2004s</a>

Good luck!

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Hi Daneel,

currently, every characteristic visible needs to have at least one key presentation enabled (e.g., text and key). This is a limitation which should be resolved in the future.

Best regards, Marco