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New custom field created in ChaRM not getting validated into BRF+

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I created a new custom field into ChaRM Request For Change (Affected Business). Now I am trying to use it with BRF+ without sucess.

I created Application, Function, Element... at this case (Affected Business), decision table with input (Affected Business) and output (Tester), but seems that BRF+ is not receiving the value of this new field to be used with Decision Table. I created a new reference into CRMC_ACTION_CONF table to be able to perform the action with ID's of Application and Function.

I tested with other standard field (Priority) instead the custom field and its working simulation from Fiori and associated BRF+ Id.

I am worried if custom field are not available to be used with BRF+.....

See some screens below:




Any Idea?

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