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new ADRNR record in VBPA

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Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me any BAPI if i want to create a new ADRNR in VBPA for a given VBELN,PARVW and KUNNR.(And simaltaneously a new record in ADRC should also be created.)


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Hi all.

in my custom transaction 'zvl02' iam allowing the users to change delivery data even after PGI.

The requirement is:

In the partner header tab, if the user changes or adds partners that information should be back filled in the sales orders..

iam updating VBPA with a new ADRNR and ADRDA = 'E' if there is any change to the address.

This will be done only if VBPA-ADRDA = 'A' or 'D'(ADRC master data).

Iam also creating/updating ADRC accordingly.

But this address info is not being populated in the backfilling process when i use BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE.

it is only updating PARVW and KUNNR along with the same old address ( address data ADRNR corresponding to ADRDA = "D" ).

any suggestions on how to show the adress changes of delivery also in the table control of the Header/ Partners in sales order...

greatly appreciate it.....

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I am hopeful that you have not cloned VL02. If so, you should expect upgrade issues for as long as you sustain t-code ZVL02.

Why not have the users add partners to the sales order directly using VA02?

Remember that changing delivery data AFTER pgi could result in Sarbanes-Oxley 404 issues. I would suggest reviewing your requirement with appropriate auditing staff.

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Please close your post "Updating Address changes" if your question is answered in there.

This is related to the same issue you entered there, and again I don't see how you can achieve that. Try in SE37 with pattern 'ADRCRE*'.

I, once again try to convince you not to do these updates directly to the tables. SAP is not database application like Oracle. This is a business application and the tables are updated through transactions. Please try to talk to your users about the problems with such updates and give them the alternative of reversing the document. Any reasonable business will understand the ramifications if they are presented with the alternatives.

Please close the posts and reward as they are answered. You don't have to post different messages if they are related to the same problem.



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Hi Karunya,

You shouldnt create a new adrnr. because adrnr is internal to SAP.

You should simply create a new address using some BAPIs for that purpose.

As somebody put it, you are then breaking the integrity of the system.

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You should use the BAPI to change sale order (BAPI_SALESORDER_CHANGE): it allows to change address data of partners.

But depend on order status if you'll be able to change or not to chaneg it.


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Hi ,

I guess you are trying to do this while creating a sales order. You want the system to use an address different than the one mainatined in Custome Master for the particular sales order . If this is the case while creating either in VA01 or thru IDOC just enetr an address different from the Customer Master address . It will create a new ADRNR in VBPA and also in ADRC .

Please write the full scenario in which you want to do this.


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I would research a concept called "referential integrity." What you are describing sounds like a violation of proper design/implementation on MANY levels.