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NEW 0FIGL_V10 Infocube Issues

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Using standard business content.

Whats the use of infoobject 0GLACCEXT (Financial statement Item).

Well 0GLACCEXT is attribute of 0GL_ACCOUNT.

However SAP business content transfer rules for 0GL_ACCOUNT do not have mapping for 0GLACCEXT ,so in these case how does it get loaded ?

I know 0GLACCEXT has its own transfer structure for TEXT and Hierarchy in order to get loaded but why doesnt it get loaded with 0GL_ACCOUNT?its not even mapped in xfer structure..

Doesnt the Financial statements

1)P & L

2)Balancesheet be identified using 0GL_ACCOUNT infoobject and its Hierarchy.

If yes then why do we need the Iobject 0GLACCEXT (Financial statement Item).

Also lets say i follow Standard SAP practice

Load 0FIGL_O10>0FIGL_C10>0FIGL_V10

Query - 0FIGL_V10_Q0001(Ba.Sheet and Profit and Loss) on Infocube 0FIGL_V10 uses infoobject 0GLACCEXT (Financial statement Item) and the Hierarchy for it.

Is it possible to use 0GL_ACCOUNT and its hierarchy INSTEAD of 0GLACCEXT will it show the same values ??

cant the P&L and Balancesheet be shown in query with 0GL_ACCOUNT if NOT WHY?

Question 2

Query uses CKF( Balance sheet value) = stock value +flow value

But how is the stock value and flow value populated in the virtual cube ?as stock value and flow value are basic keyfigures in 0FIGL_V10 which are NOT PRESENT in 0FIGL_C10 cube and remember 0FIGL_V10 is virtual cube referring to 0FIGL_10 cube.


No takers for these problem?No one has worked before ?

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We didn't use any of the standard business content but we do have the New GL. So maybe I can shed a little light.

Financial Statement Item is the Group Account Field in R/3. So you can have you Hierarchy at a higher level vs. GL_Accounts.

I don't know why they missed the attribute of GLACCEXT in GL Account Business Content.

I think the Virtual Cube allows you to show contra accounts in different a place on the balance sheet depending on the debit/credit balance.

We didn't use it because we don't have that requirement.

We used a custom ODS & Cube. We have hierarchies for Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow over Financial Statement Item (R/3 Group Account).

We are currently in Development.

Not much info, but hope it helps.

I don't have any comments on #2 Sorry.

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Thanks Tammi

Doesnt help much but good effort.

so why is 0GLACCEXT not even mapped in transfer structure of 0GL_ACCOUNT ?

If these is not mapped how would you show reports based on 0GLACCEXT?