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Netweaver Upgrade from 7.01 to 7.3 - issue

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Hi Friends,

We are upgrading the BW system 7.01 to 7.3. In the extraction phase we are getting below error:

ERROR: The procedure needs a patched version of R3trans which is build

on 28.07.08 or later.

The R3trans in your active SAP kernel is either older or the version

could not be determined. Call it without any option to determine the

build date.

If the build date is too old, you have to replace it before you can

continue the procedure.

Download the latest executable available from the SAP service market

place and update it before you continue.

Otherwise, the tools will be corrupted.


Component Information:

SAP_ABA 701 0005 SAPKA70105

SAP_BASIS 701 0005 SAPKB70105


SAP_BW 701 0005 SAPKW70105



Kernel information:

SAP Kernel Information

SAP Kernel : 701_REL

Database Client Library : SQL_Server_8.00

created in : NT 5.2 3790 Service Pack 2 x86 MS VC++ 14.00

created on : Jan 9 2012 23:53:23

Support Level : 0

Kernel Patch number : 176

Source ID : 0.176

DBSL Patch No. : 183

ICU Version : 3.0 Unicode Version 4.0.1

libsapu16 Version : 2.0025 Jan 9 2012 21:33:51


Updated the kernel is original Exe,  with 7.01 and 7.30 - R3trans and TP, but still we are getting the same issue.

Updated R3Trans to-> 183

Updated dbsl to -> 183

Please help me resolving the issue,.



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Hi Ramesh,

What is R3trans -v showing. Please check using a new command prompt window.


Ruchit Khushu

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Hi Ruchit,

Updated the R3trans and tp

with 7.3 latest patches. Below is the r3trans -v output in new windows..

F:\usr\sap\BWS\SYS\exe\uc\NTAMD64>r3trans -v
This is r3trans version 6.22 (release 720 - 09.02.12 - 18:31:00 ).
unicode enabled version

R3trans information

kernel release                720

kernel make variant           720_REL

DBMS client library

compiled on                   NT 5.2 3790 S x86 MS VC++ 14.00 for NTAMD64

compiled for                  64 BIT

compilation mode              UNICODE

compile time                  Mar  1 2012 19:56:24

update level                  0

patch number                  210

source id                     0.210

supported environment

database (SAP, table SVERS)   700

operating system
Windows NT 5.0
Windows NT 5.1
Windows NT 5.2
Windows NT 6.0
Windows NT 6.1
Windows NT 6.2



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Hi Ramesh,

I am assuming you that tried 701 R3trans patch 183 and that didn;t work and thereafterwards you went for 720 kernel. I would suggest going back to 701 R3trans patch 183. After this stop the upgrade and also restart your SAP system and try it out. If that doesn't work and there is a possibilty of doing a kernel upgrade in 701 please do that.

However I think restarting SAP and Upgrade should do the trick.

The problem as far as I understand is that that the upgrade already has lower R3trans release in the upgrade directory and it is making use of that. Restart of upgrade might attempt to overwrite R3trans. If restart doesn't solve try to replace it manually in the upgrade directory. It should work hopefully.


Ruchit Khushu

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Hi Ruchit,

Thanks for the info., I've restarted the system after kernel upgrade to 701 & 720.. will not revert it back to 701 kernel and restart SAP.

Upgrade as of now I've not reset, will reset the upgrade and restart again. and have a try.

And.. in Upg/abap directory I don't see any kernel (exe) files copied..

in any of the locations, exe, exenew or preexe - all are empty.



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Hi Ramesh,

I didn't mean resetting the upgrade just restarting the upgrade and trying to resume from the point where it had halted i.e stop SAPup and then restart it and try to resume.