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NetWeaver Max Connections per client and preventing HTTP denial of service

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Hi Gurus,

I am currently working with SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 SP2 in a high volume web environment but am hitting some issues with what I believe to be related to a "Denial of Service" precaution. I have one client making HTTP requests to a server with less than a second frequency and am getting HTTP request timeouts.

Here are the machine configuration specs:

Dual Quad Core 3.16GHz (During the run approx 10% utilization)

20GBs of RAM (OS still has approx 6.5GBs free during the run)

I have NetWeaver setup with 4 Server nodes each with 4096m of RAM and is running on top of MaxDB and MS Server 2003.

Here are the NetWeaver configuration changes I have already made via configtool:

Path Parameter Default Custom Value

Config Tool -> Services -> IIOP Parallel Requests 10 2500

Config Tool -> Services -> IIOP Request Queue Size 100 2500

Config Tool -> Services -> p4 Parallel Requests 10 2500

Config Tool -> Services -> p4 Request Queue Size 100 2500

Config Tool -> Services -> security Max Sessions 200 1000

Config Tool -> Services -> jmsconnector Max Connections 100 500

Config Tool -> Services -> jmx Notification Queue Max Threads 3 30

Config Tool -> Services -> dbpool sysDS.initialConnections 1 10

Config Tool -> Services -> servlet_jsp ProductionMode FALSE TRUE

Config Tool -> Services -> http FCAServerThreadCount 5

Config Tool -> Managers -> ApplicationThreadManager MaxThreadCount 100 1000

Config Tool -> Managers -> ThreadManager MaxThreadCount 100 1000

Any ideas on how to ramp-up the settings on the server?



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For those of you interested in web based tuning parameters for NW CE here's a great link to the ICM help documentation:


Hope this helps,