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Netweaver Developer Studio:

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I have a NDS 2.0.9 installed on my local pc(Windows XP). I am trying to deploy the Calculator example(CalculatorEar.ear) from NDS onto a remote SAP J2EE engine 6.30. The remote J2EE engine(server, disp & SDM) is up and running.

When I try to deploy the CalculatorEar.ear onto the remote J2EE engine, it prompts me for the SDM password and after I enter the password, I get the following error message:

/userOut/deploy ( [Thread[Deploy

Thread,5,main]] ERROR:

[001]Deployment aborted

Deployment exception : Server did not accept login request as admin on port 56418. Details: ERROR: Could not establish connection to server at port 56418

Any ideas?

Thanks, Phani.

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Hi Phani,

Please have a look at .

Hope it helps!


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Hi Vladimir,

I should have thought about the host name entries on windows... I mostly work with UNIX. It was fine after I made the entries for the IP in the windows hosts file. I have marked 10 points for you.

Thanks, Phani.