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Netweaver 7.3 Java SPS upgrade failing

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Hi Guys,

I have started a Netweaver 7.3 Java SPS upgrade from SP00 to SP04. I have downloaded all the components for version 4.0 except for UDDI which is 4.1 as I couldn't find version 4.0 for UDDI.

When I started the upgrade failed with the following error message.

16.28 : Relative path '
EPMSSM10D\sapmnt\trans\EPS\in\WDRUNTIME04_0-10007825.SCA --> sap.comtcwd~tools.ear'

Deploy status is 'Skipped'

Description:'1. Item is skipped because of failed deployment of item 'sap.com_tcesiuddisrear' and because the applied error strategy is OnErrorStop'.

SDA : name 'tcwdtools', vendor '', location 'SAP AG', version '7.3004.20110727122635.0000', software type ('J2EE', sub type ''), csn component 'BC-WD-JAV', dependencies :[( name 'tcwdtoolsadmin', vendor '') , ( name '', vendor '') , ( name 'tcwdtoolsconsole', vendor '') , ( name 'tcddicruntimefacade', vendor '') , ( name 'tcwdapi', vendor '') , ( name 'tccmi', vendor '') ]

Please let me know if there's a solution for this.



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Answers (1)

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try to redeploy the component 'sap.com_tcesiuddisrear' and restart the upgrade again ..