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Net work issue? of XI.

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We use webdispatcher between client(A) and XI.Because of the low performance between client and webdisptcher,we meagured the network throughput between client(A) and webdispatcher with NIPING.the results shows the throughput between client(A) and webdispatcher is very low.

so i think the client(A) might be send data very slow or the network between client and webdispatcher is not good.

BUT,i also test the throughput from the same client(A) to XI directly,not through webdisp.the result shows that is nothing wrong there.i think it means the client(A) is no problem.then remained problem is that the network might be not good between client(A) and webdispatcher.

BUT,i also test the throughput from other client(B),(C) to webdisp,which have the same network route with client(A).

the results show the throughput is very good.that means this is not a network issue.

So...I got confused...the network throughput is not good or the client is not good?


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hi brand,

go thru the below blog [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

in that check

XI: The future of neural networks (Part - 1),2,3