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.NET Connector Project

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My company is experienced with .NET development but new to SAP. We are currently working on a project for a client that requires some level of communication from our .NET application to their SAP system.

Our custom .NET app resides on a PC at their location, and needs to take data from our app and use it to generate a "Reservation" in their SAP system -- eliminating what is now a manual data entry process for the user.

We need to get some insight and details as to what is involved in doing this.

My understanding from the documentation I have seen is that the .NET Connector could be used from our application to connect to SAP and use a tRFC or send an IDOC to create the Reservation. Is this a straight forward process??

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

We are also potentialy looking for a contractor/consultant (preferably in the Vancouver area) w/ SAP & .NET Connector experience. This is currently a small scale "proof of concept" project that will likely become a larger scale project in the future requiring more integration w/ SAP.

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Hi ,

Sending an IDoc or tRfc is a very simple process from SAP side. Receiving and processing of IDOC's is also easier from SAP perceptive. I am asuming the sending system is not part of the intranet which means your authentication and security is done via .net and sending the data to SAP system. .net connector at the SAP system can do the trick. Not a big drama just bit of configuration and technical work. My experience is just few days of work.

Good luck.