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Need/Want to perform a System Copy but

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Hi everybody,

We are preparing our upgrade from 4.6C Win2K/SQLServer 2k to ECC6 Win2k3/SQLServer 2k5.

Got new HW, our landscape is still productive.

We thought about making an homogeneous system copy of our Prod to one of our new HW

then perform/test the upgrade.

But there are some troubles :

-according to the HSC docs we'll need the source CDs - unfortunately no way to find them

Support Package CD OK - Docs CDs OK but not kernel

-the kernel is not any more a 4.6c but a 4.6d

So here are my questions :

- will I need an installation kit for 4.6c ? How to get it ?

- does a copy of the usr directory will be enough ?

- does the difference between kernels versions will make troubles ?

- how many time (hours / 100Gb ) should I plann for the copy


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Copy the DB.

Copy the usr\sap directory.

Create the NT service on the test environment using the kernel\sapstartsrv.exe, but make sure to use a different system number.

Update the USR02 table from the back-end, lock everyone except for DDIC (or whatever user that is not running any jobs). This prevents production jobs from running.

Start SAP, login, disable all jobs, email, faxes, and SM59 destinations to prevent false production traffic.

Once the environment is stable, take a backup so it can be reused again.

Perform upgrade.

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