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Need to send E-Mail for the same partner.

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Hello Experts;


Need your help with this requirement; we have created an output that will trigger an E-Mail to the Ship-to Party of the deliveries we added into that shipment.

In test environment I created 5 Deliveries from 5 Individual sales orders (3 With different Ship-to partners and 2 with same Ship-to party created on purpose).

The E-mail’s body says “Dear (Ship-to name); we are generating (Shipment number) for your (Sales Order number)

Upon creating the Shipment, only 4 outputs are determined since there are 4 Ship-to parties and as per SAP’s std. design we cannot have 2 outputs for the same partner.


Ship-to #1 --> SO# 2601 --> Delivery# 80001987 --> Output gets determined

Ship-to #2 --> SO# 2602 --> Delivery# 80001988 --> Output gets determined

Ship-to #3 --> SO# 2603 --> Delivery# 80001989 --> Output gets determined

Ship-to #4 --> SO# 2604 --> Delivery# 80001990 --> Output gets determined

Ship-to #4 --> SO# 2605 --> Delivery# 80001991 --> Output DOES NOT get determined, Since the Output already exist for this Ship-to.


In this case we still need to have a fifth E-Mail sent to Ship-to #4 since this customer has 2 different Sales Orders (2604 & 2605) being shipped in the same shipment; Would it be possible achieve this?

Thanks in advance!

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Can you please clarify: is this output triggered from the shipment or from the OBD? Because if it is triggered from the OBD then there is no reason why output one the one OBD should influence the output from another OBD.

In case the output is triggered from the shipment: then you have 2 OBDs in 1 shipment? Why do you then need two messages? You create 1 shipment so customer will receive 1 e-mail informing them over the shipment number. In case of multiple OBDs / sales orders, you can mention those numbers in the body of the e-mail.

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Thanks for your response;

1. The output is from shipment doc.

2. We have considered your proposed solution, we just wanted to check if going for individual E-mails was possible; I have marked yours as answer to this query.