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Need to overwrite ODS

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Hi Friends ,

I have created an ODS,with keys Run ID and Financial Year in addition to some more key fields.

The ODS stores the results of a Report .

every time the report is run,new records are created with new RunID .

Acoording to therequirements, I need ovewrite the ODS data each time the report is run for the same financial yaear i.e:

Current ODS data

(150 records):Financial Year 2006 RunID 10000

(100 records):Financial Year 2007 RunID 10001

run the report again for 2007 ,RunID : 10002 (50 records).

Now my ODS should have :

(150 records):Financial Year 2006 RunID 10000

(50 records) Financial Year 2007 ,RunID: 10002

Can you please suggest me ,How should I overwrite the old records everytime the Report is Run for the same financial year.

Thanks in advance!!

Best Regards,


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Answers (2)

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when you look at the update rules for the ODS - see the key figures and there you will have three options as radio buttons - Overwrite / Addition / No Update...

select Overwrite and the key figure values will be overwritten for the same key field combination.


hope it helps....

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you should set update rules for key figureas as overwrite.

and field RunID shouldn't be key in your ODS