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Need to display Fiscal year on x-axis of report

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Hi All,

For a client requirement, I need to display reports for Fiscal year instead of Calender year.

The fiscal year starts on April and ends on March.

Currently All standard datasources have Calender year as a characteristic.

Is it possible to create a Key Figure (calculated or restricted) such that we get Fiscal year instead of Calender year.

The reports to be displayed are like Collections YTD, Sales YTD etc.

For Ex: in case of Collections YTD

the x axis should contain April May June ... till current month)

and the Y axis should contain every months collections.

I have the collections data of every month,

The only thing I need to accomplish is x axis where the months should start from April and end in current month.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It would depend on the report you're using, but most of the financial reports should have "Accounting Period/Year", which should be the fiscal periods instead of the calendar periods.

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