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need to create sale order from the flat file & mail has to be sent

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Hi Experts,

I have a requirement to create a sale order from a flat file and once the oder is created, mail has to be sent to customer as well as to internal user with the order details. I want to know how this process can be implemented and what adapters are needed to execute this.

it would be very helpful, if i get an step-by-step procedure.

Points assured for any helpful answers.

Thanks in Advance


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HI Jai,

You need to create two interfaces as file will be sending the Sales oreder details that you need to capture in IDOC or RFC and then have to trigger to create the sales order. For this Standard BAPIs are also available.

These RFC or BAPIs will response with Sales order details that you need to divert to Mail adapter with the use of BPM and also have to go for Async to Sync bridge.

File -

>XI (BPM) ---> BAPI/RFC (Request)

MailAdapter <- XI (BPM) <--- BAPI/RFC (Response)

For this refer below links for step by step

/people/arpit.seth/blog/2005/06/27/rfc-scenario-using-bpm--starter-kit - File to RFC [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] - File to Mail

/people/krishna.moorthyp/blog/2005/06/09/walkthrough-with-bpm - Walk through BPM

/people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/22/schedule-your-bpm - Schedule BPM

/people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in ccBPM [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in ccBPM

If you will use IDOC then In IDOC inbound processing you need to trigger for Sales order creation and then have to send the Sales Order generated IDOC as an Outbound to Mail Adapter

Flat file -

> XI ---> IDOC


> XI ---> Mail

This will be bit easy scenario to develope as compare to using BAPI with BPM

/people/ravikumar.allampallam/blog/2005/06/24/convert-any-flat-file-to-any-idoc-java-mapping - Any flat file to any Idoc

configuring IDOC-XI-Mail scenario using following web-log:


/people/sravya.talanki2/blog/2005/08/18/triggering-e-mails-to-shared-folders-of-sap-is-u - Triggering Email from folder



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Hi Swarup,

Thanks for your immediate reply, I would appreciate you, if i get a process flow diagram for this scenario. I am very new to XI and it would be very useful for me to understand the process & to implement better

Thanks in advance

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Follow the Wiki.;

I believe ,instead of having receiver File we can also have receiver Mail. I'm not sure though, just try it out and share your experience.

For the Response Mapping, you need to use the target message as Mail XSD Structure.


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Hi, Raj:

Actually what you mentioned is my question for you, if it works this way, it is really cool.

I mean in your scenario, in module tab of your file sender communication channel, if you can specify any receiver channel and receiver service, then, we can send response message to any system, even the sender is still file sender.

Jai: Though BPM solution solve your problem, but it is worthy to try the one proposed by Raj since it does not require BPM.