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Need to Call BRM Ruleset from SAPUI5 Application

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Hi All

I have deployed my BRM ruleset as a Web Service and want to call it using the BRM API .

I am able to fetch the values through the direct SOAP call from the WSDL generated .

So Please help me how can I use the BRM API to get the required output .


In the BRM RuleSet I am having the Name and EmployeeID ,for each Name there is a distinct EmpID .From my SAP UI page If a Select any name ,It should provide me the respective EmpID .This is the requirement I need to work on .

Please help me .


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mani,

Since you have exposed your service as a web-service you can create a REST wrapper around it and consume it in UI5. You really need not use the API's



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Mani,

Adding more on Piyas Das's inputs, please make sure,when you are creating a REST wrapper on top of EJB Session bean, make sure you have a proper data object response structure associated with that helper class such that it can easily get captured on the UI via an AJAX Call.

Doing this would ensure that data is always captured in the case of single or multiple returns.



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Hi Mani,

You need to call the BRM Ruleset WebService in the UI code. Whatever name is selected in the UI, pass that name as an input parameter to the Ruleset webservice.

Please note that the value you are passing as input parameter to the ruleset webservice should be same as the value in your decision table for which you want the output.