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Need to avoid split on EDI Separator

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Working on EDI Inbound scenario, where I am processing a ANSXI X12 EDI 850 file from the partner to a mailbox. I have created the below IFlows;

a) Van to EDI Separator Receiver ( I can't change this IFlow config, Since its being used in several other scenarios)

b) EDI Separator Sender to Mail box ( I can Modify this)

Question - I am getting multiple "ST" segments on incoming EDI file, Since I am using EDI separator receiver comm channel they are parsed and processed as a individual messages (for example for 4 ST segments, we are getting 4 separate messages). But I need One single message , process to mail box.

Any suggestions for me?


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Answers (2)

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Hi Steve,

Try checking 'Enable group based splitting' in EDI Separator channel checkbox and see if satisfies your requirement.



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I am afraid you cannot with just the simple ICO. With the B2B add-on, the EDI document is going to parsed and split based on EDI transaction set, version and then sender/receiver IDs no matter what. But keeps the maps simple. Connectors from some other vendors tend to collect based on partner or transaction set. So its natural to look for a config/setting to achieve the same easily.

You could set up a BPM to collect/aggregate messages though. Some extra work but a pretty handy pattern to get used to for your integration needs.