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need suggestion in smartform

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I am passing range of invoice numbers using select options from driver program.I have to get form(one per page) for each invoice form for first invoice number should be displayed in first page.form for 2nd invoice number should be displayed in 2nd page and so on..if i select 3 invoice numbers in select options i should get 3 forms in 3 to do this?if anybody knows kindly help me.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (3)

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Loop at the itab at the start of the all the windows.



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It depends on how you would like to see the output

If you also want to see them in print preview that way then

You will have to create a loop in main window of yopur page

The loop should contain all the logic for 1 invoice.

At the end of each loop iteration place a command node to break to a new page

Another way of doing this is trapping all the individual smartform outputs in one spool request. But u will have problems with print preview i think.

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here are the steps:

1) Create a Internal tabel inside Smartforms (SF) which will contain the Invoice numbers.

2) Pass all the Invoice numbers from the range to the Internal Table

3) Loop at the internal table

4) In the Loop pass the Invoice number in begin of Sort and end of Sort.

5) at the Begin of Sort Print all the data for the Invoice

6) At end of Sort Give a command to go to Next Page.

Hope That helps

Anirban M.