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Need some information on BW4HANA - Hybrid modelling

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Hello BW Experts,

After a extensive search on google am posting my questions here. Kindly reply me if you have some time.

1.) What is Hybrid modelling in BW4HANA ?

2.) Can we build Composite provider on ADSO N calculation view?

3.) If i have a powerful object called ADSO , why should i go for calculation view that too scripted one?

Thanks in advance.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Raki,

ADSO is persistent object in SAP BW4HANA where it's stores data. To load data to ADSO, flow should be built something like Datasource--> Transformation --> ADSO( BW4HANA Application level), you need to even create process chain also to perform loading in the background and these are regular guidelines what we have been following. some operations executed on ADSO run on Application server based on how built the solution.

Calculation view is directly built at HANA DB level and it's virtual object, doesn't store data hence no data loading plan required and it directly run on HANA DB level hence you have very good performance with Cal View.

SAP has provided Hybrid modelling mixed scenarios to take an advantage of accessing the DB directly during query run time for specific scenarios instead of building the flow.


Prakash K

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Thansk a lot Prakash for sharing this information.

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